About Us


Paula Ashcraft

Civil Process Service is our specialty.

Paula has 22 years of experience in the process serving industry. She began her career working as a process server as a way to supplement income. In 1996 she transitioned into business ownership with the launch of Legal Ease.  During the next 10 years she lead Legal Ease into a thriving, successful multi-office agency located in the Midwest.

In 2006 she sold Legal Ease and assumed the role of VP of Business Development with new owners. In this role she assisted new company by diversifying corporate revenue streams.  In recent years Paula consulted with small process serving agencies by passing along knowledge of lessons learned. During this time as consultant she honed her marketing and operational skill set. As a serial entrepreneur it was only a matter of time for the ownership bug to strike again.

In January 2015 Paula launched Greentree Legal, LLC.  With the launch of her 2nd process serving company Paula’s career experiences are certain to play a pivotal role in the success of her latest venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, feel free to email info@greentreelegal.com
What is a process server?

Serve-now best defines a process server as a person whose “principal job is to deliver or “serve” legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case. After serving any legal documents, process servers have to deliver actual evidence that the legal papers were served.”

We specialize in serving even the most difficult of legal documents. If you’ve had trouble getting documents served elsewhere, look no further.

What areas do you serve?

We have offices located throughout Ohio and Indiana, but we operate nationwide. Our team is your team. Our staff is dedicated to your project, regardless of size or location.

How soon is the first attempt made?

The first attempt is made within 48 hours for routine service. For rush service, please call us to discuss your specific need.

How do I pay?

Your project will require prepayment. We do make it as easy as possible though. You can pay by phone, or you can place your order online and pay us over the phone.

When do you serve papers?

We serve at different times throughout the day, and on the weekend and at night as necessary to make sure the job gets done. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

How soon will I receive proof of service?

A PDF version will be uploaded within 24 hours of service.

What associations are you affiliated with?

We are currently affiliated with NAPPS, FAPPS, OPPSA, CBA, Cincinnati Paralegal Association, NYSPPSA and MBA.